Spring 2022

Linux Command Line Ninja - Beginner

240222 by Frey Alfredsson

Wargame CTF playthrough - OTW/Bandit

170322 by Jonathan Magnusson

The crapto crypto and the story of Mifare Classic

250322 by Stefan Alfredsson

Introduction to TryHackMe

070422 by Jonathan Magnusson

Undutmaning22 CTF

090422 organized by FRA, MUST and SÄPO

Intro to Tor with a focus on censorship

220422 by Tobias Pulls

Cybersecurity Campfire Stories: hacking routers

040522 by Meiko Jensen

Hacking a MIDI Music Controller

060522 by Jaap-Henk Hoepman

Git and Github: Crash course for beginners

100522 by Mahdi Akil

Security Incident Response at Google

130522 by Johan Berggren (Google)

Cyber Apocalypse CTF 2022

140522 organized by HackTheBox

On the Privacy of Mental Health Apps

190522 by Leonardo Iwaya

Cyber Security & Company Resilience and New Realities

070622 by Niclas Jalvinger (Telia)

Ethical aspects of Hacking

220622 by Leonardo Martucci