Welcome to KAUotic Hacking Club!

We are a community of people interested in computers, hacking, privacy, and security. Our goal is to create a platform that attracts individuals with a passion for technology and cybersecurity, and provides them with opportunities to learn, share and improve their skills.

The best way to defend or repair a system is first knowing how it can break. The best way to break a system is knowing how it works. With this in mind, we focus on obtaining and sharing knowledge, as we believe that this is the foundation of building a strong and capable community.

We love computer science, security, and being around people that share this interest, wanting to teach and learn. Our club provides a space where people with similar interests can come together, organize events, and support specialized interest groups. We are committed to building a platform that attracts people interested in computer security and computers in general, organizing events, and supporting specialized interest groups.

We currently have several groups in the club that focus on different areas, such as Capture The Flag, Bug Hunting, Hardware Hacking and Merchandise and Marketing. The CTF Team organizes and participate in CTF competitions, the Bug Hunting group helps members to learn and find bugs in different software and systems, the Hardware Hacking group is focused on exploring and experimenting with different types of hardware and the Merchandise and Marketing group is responsible for creating and promoting the club’s brand and image.

Check out our Groups page to learn more about the groups we have, and take a look at our Events page to see what we have planned. If you have a suggestion for a new group or an idea for an event, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Join our platform to get event notifications and/or chat with like-minded people, [Discord] or [Facebook].

Welcome to KAUotic Hacking Club, we are excited to have you!