Autumn 2022

KAUotic: the origin of a hacker club

090922 by Jonathan Magnusson

Cybersecurity Campfire Stories: the Tale of Stuxnet

150922 by Meiko Jensen

What is CTF? Intro to competetive hacking

220922 by Jonathan Magnusson

Bandit Wargame Playthrough: Beginner Levels

300922 by Ghaith

The Ransomware Problem: Infiltrate, Encrypt and Random

131022 by Samuel Wairimu

Bandit Wargame Playthrough: Advanced Levels

141022 by Ghaith

Linux Command Line Ninja: Advanced

271022 by Frey Alfredsson

Intro to Computer Networks: There is no play like

111122 by Rubens Figueiredo

Hardware Hacking: Basic Introduction

181122 by Robin Allansson

Git and Github: Crash course for Beginners

251122 by Mahdi Akil

Celebrating the Commodore 64

011222 by Caj Rollny

Riskanalyser och val av säkerhetsåtgärd vid upphandling av IT-tjänster

081222 by Niklas Nikitin